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Yes, using the Keezel is that simple! All you need to do to secure your Internet connection and benefit from better online privacy & security and protection from hackers and data thieves is to follow these 3 steps:




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WiFi, with or without passwords

Your Keezel can connect to open networks, for which you don't need a password. You can also connect to password protected networks. If you have got the WiFi login and password of your coffee shop for example, you can tell the Keezel to use these to make the connection. Keezel also supports connections to 'hidden' networks.


Login required? Captive portals

Networks, especially in hotels, sometimes require you to enter your room-number, enter creditcard details or simply accept their terms. Keezel temporarily relays this 'login-screen' in a new browser tab for you. Here you can take the required steps. After this you are online and can securily use the internet connection.


Keezel on tricky networks

Some networks have more restrictions than others. Keezel can use a special setting (TCP 443), that allows you to use your Keezel on severely restricted networks. The downside is that performance on telephony applications or games is not as good as with the default protocol, UDP.

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